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Third Party Notification Service

A Helping Hand For Those You Care About
Yankee Gas has developed a system to avoid disconnection of service to someone who, due to an oversight or misunderstanding, neglects to pay for the gas service we provide. The system is called "Third Party Notification" and is especially helpful for the elderly and those with hearing, reading or language difficulties.

How the System Works
Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to discontinue service to customers who do not pay their bills. These customers are always notified well in advance of the date service is to cease. Under the Third Party Notification system, a third party - designated by the customer - is mailed a copy of the shutoff notice. The third party might be a friend, relative, clergyman, or local social agency.

What the System Does
Its purpose is to make someone else aware of a billing problem with ample time to take action so that service will not be disconnected. The third party is not obligated to pay the bill. The third party's notification does not necessarily prevent loss of service, but simply makes another person aware of possible termination of service.

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