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Natural Gas Consumption Data Requests

If you are an individual, non-residential customer or a municipal official, you may request information about your natural gas consumption from Yankee Gas.

Individual Non-residential Building Energy Consumption Data Requests

The intent of this service is to provide non-residential consumption data to customers of record, or their authorized representatives. If you have an assigned Yankee Gas account executive, we will provide your consumption data upon request. All other non-residential customers should contact the Yankee Gas Customer Experience at (800) 989-0900. Please have your account number available when you call. 

Consumption data is also available by creating an on-line account.

Access to your billing history is available 24 hours a day, 365/days a year. **

** Please note: certain special accounts will not be available. In these cases, please contact your account executive or Yankee Gas Customer Experience for support.

Municipal Aggregate Energy Consumption Data Requests

Yankee Gas is committed to providing municipalities with aggregate consumption data for facilities within their jurisdiction.

Municipal officials can use the form below to request consumption data associated with facilities within their city or town for up to a 36-month historical period.

Please complete the following form and then click “Submit Form”. Yankee Gas will contact you to verify the request.

* Denotes a Required Field. 

* Town: 
* Zip Code: 
Start and end date of consumption data requested
* Start Date: mm/dd/yyyy
* End Date: mm/dd/yyyy
* Requester First Name: 
* Requester Last Name:  
* Requester Title: 
* Requester Primary Phone: 
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Please contact us at section126requests@nu.com with any questions/concerns.

This page fulfills requirements of Connecticut State Legislation PA 11-80, section 125 & section 126.


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