Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for using and maintaining gas appliances in your home or business.
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Call Before You Dig (CBYD)

It's the LAW!

The Call Before You Dig (CBYD) phone number in CT is 1-800-922-4455.

Safety is priority #1 at Yankee Gas. Nothing is more important than a total commitment to keeping our employees, customers and those working in our service areas safe.

Connecticut law requires contractors, excavators and anyone planning to dig to contact CBYD at least two full working days prior to digging. This one call will notify all of the utility owners to mark their pipes, lines or any other property they have buried in the area.

Failure to call CBYD can result in:

  • Serious injury or fatality
  • Significant fines for excavators, as well as charges from Yankee Gas for damage and lost gas from our lines

If you should ever hit a Yankee Gas underground pipe or line, contact us immediately at 1.800.992.3427.

For additional information, please visit CBYD on the web at www.cbyd.com.