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Gas Stoves & Ranges

True money savers - half the cost of operating an electric range

 Cooking VideoGas Stove/Range 

Benefits of a natural gas stove or range

  • Offers flexibility and efficiency
  • Allows you to control the temperature instantly
  • The pilotless ignition saves energy

Common features

  • Available in many configurations and styles to match any decor. Choose built-in or freestanding models with two or four burners and many options.
  • Downdraft and self-venting cook tops remove steam, smoke and cooking odors without the need for overhead venting.
  • Easy-to-control burners have instant on/off controls for precision cooking. Sealed burners make cleaning easier.
  • Self-clean or continuous-clean models make clean-up easy.
  • New ovens are well insulated, keeping more heat in the oven and less in your kitchen.
  • Convection ovens available that use 40% less energy than conventional ovens and produce superior baking results

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