A blue flame usually means that your equipment is working properly.  A yellow flame may mean the equipment needs servicing.  Call a qualified technician.
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Save Energy & Money

Yankee Gas has partnered with Energize Connecticut to provide our residential customers with a variety of energy-saving programs:

  • Energy Efficiency with Enoch - Yankee Gas's energy efficiency spokesperson, Enoch Lenge, offers regular advice to help you save energy and money.
  • Home Energy Solutions (HES) - A specialist will perform an energy assessment of your home, whether you rent or own, to determine how you can reduce your energy bill. From sealing critical air leaks and drafts to replacing incandescent bulbs to analyzing appliances, the HES program is designed for maximum energy and dollar savings.
  • High Efficiency Furnace and Natural Gas Boiler Rebate -  A $200 - $750 incentive is available for residential customers who purchase and install a qualifying natural gas, oil or propane furnace and/or a natural gas boiler.
  • Residential High Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater Rebate Program - You may qualify for a $200 rebate towards the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® qualified, on-demand natural gas-fired tankless water heater, standalone storage water heater, or a standalone condensing water heater.
  • Residential New Construction Program - Incentives and rebates that can help offset the cost of investing in energy-efficient equipment and materials when you are building a new home.