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Current Rates for Business

Firm Service Rate Classes for Business Customers

Business customers fall under three main groups: small general firm service, medium general firm service and large general firm service. These rate structures not only take into account the volume used, but also individual customer peak demands - or what is required by Yankee's distribution system to serve C&I customers. The charge for the customer peak demand is reflected in the Demand Charge on your bill.

Customers who use more than 5,000 Ccf of natural gas per year are required to have a telemetering device, or DDM (Daily Demand Meter). The DDM is an electronic device that attaches to the top, or within three feet, of a meter and measures your daily gas usage. Yankee Gas customers with a DDM are able to use this website to access daily natural gas consumption data. For some, this information can help them better manage their energy needs, which can reduce their annual energy costs. For customers who use 5,000 Ccf or less per year, the DDM is optional. Under the current rates, all customers who have a telemetering device are charged a monthly fee.

All commercial and industrial customers have the option of buying their gas commodity from a third-party supplier. Customers electing third-party supply are not billed the Commodity Charge.