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Commercial Rate 20

Medium General Firm Service

This rate is for medium-sized commercial or industrial customers with an actual or expected annual natural gas usage which is greater than 5,000 Ccf and equal to or less than 20,000 Ccf. Usage up to 1,000 Ccf of natural gas per month is billed at one rate, and all other usage beyond 1,000 Ccf per month is billed at a lower rate. All commercial and industrial customers have a Demand Charge on their bill which takes into account individual customer peak demands – or what is required by Yankee’s distribution system to service them. In addition, the customer is billed a demand based rate called the Sales Services Demand Charge (or referred to as the Transportation Services Demand Charge, if customer chooses third party supplier for their gas supply) which recovers gas supply-related costs associated with Yankee Gas’ propane and Liquefied Natural Gas (“LNG”) facilities. Customers in this rate class are required to have a telemetering device (Daily Demand Meter) for a monthly fee of $28.00. Rate 20 (PDF). NOTE: Customer choosing Operator Gas Supply Service is subject to a Transportation Services Charge of $0.0513 per Ccf.

 Current Rate 
Customer Service Charge$73.00 per month
Daily Demand Meter Charge$28.00 per month
Demand Charge$2.0000 per Ccf of billing demand
Delivery Charge 
First 1,000 Ccf$.0967 per Ccf
All over 1,000 Ccf$.0306 per Ccf
CAM Charge$.0460 per Ccf
Sales Services Demand Charge$.8324 per Ccf of billing demand
Supply Charge$(Changes Monthly)

The Supply Charge is established monthly in accordance with and pursuant to the Purchased Gas Adjustment Clause as approved by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority and available on its website.