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Confidential System Information Disclosures

We at Yankee Gas provide noncustomer-specific, nonpublic information to natural gas suppliers in a nondiscriminatory manner. This includes information about our system operations and proprietary information such as confidential market analysis reports, surveys, research, forecasts, planning or strategic reports. If we are providing such information to our affiliates, we are hereby simultaneously offering the same to any natural gas supplier with the same terms and conditions.

Listed below is the information Yankee Gas is providing to its affiliates:

Affiliate Name Type of Information Price Charged Electronic Form It was Provided In 
No Noncustomer-specific, Nonpublic information has been provided.

This page is intended to provide notice to all natural gas suppliers of any noncustomer-specific, nonpublic information provided by Yankee Gas to its affiliates so that all natural gas suppliers may avail themselves of the same. It is not intended to indicate that Yankee Gas’ natural gas-supplier affiliates have any preferential access to services.